Day in the Life of a School Teacher

Day in the Life of a School Teacher

Many teachers believe that the field is a passion and something they’ve always wished to pursue. Others have a variety of jobs before they realize that inspiring youngsters and providing essential stepping stones to later in life is what they desire to accomplish. Whatever the reasons, becoming a teacher is a rewarding job that has enormous benefits and responsibilities.


Each day can be different at the school. Everyday tasks include planning, preparing lessons, ensuring that students are fully engaged during the lesson, managing administrative issues, and controlling behavior efficiently.

Preparing for class

For a teacher at school prepping for the following day’s lecture is a regular task. While they may have given the same lesson several times, there will be times when the idea is improved or a change has occurred in a specific field of research. To stay up to date with current developments in the subject, the teacher must be informed of developments in that area. Teaching is one profession that requires constant education.

Classroom teaching

Each school class could last 45-60 minutes. During this time, the teacher will be expected to instruct students, ensure they have completed their homework, take tests on specific days, etc. 

On certain days, they will also attempt to engage in exciting activities or exciting exercises in class so that the students maintain their enthusiasm for the topic. 

Work at Home Jobs for Teachers

The process of grading students’ performance

This may consume a large portion of the teacher’s time. A careful examination and assessment of homework and answer papers are crucial as they will determine a student’s performance and, eventually, their future.

Administrative tasks

 This includes creating student documents, participating in formal discussions with other faculty members and management, discussing book requirements, and much more.

If you’re planning to become a teacher, you will be instructed about the different kinds of administrative tasks that have to be performed. 

Training sessions

School teachers have to regularly attend training that may be held at the same time or in a different state. It could be related to the subject they teach, new news that occurred in the area they are studying, or a general course to assist them in organizing their tasks more effectively. 

Parents’ Interaction

Engaging with each child’s parents is a crucial event that occurs at least twice a year at most schools. Children younger than class VII must be monitored closely and given special attention and care. 

Suppose a student isn’t in a position to comprehend the teacher’s instructions during class or does not follow along with the rest of the students. In that case, the teacher must contact the child’s parents and concentrate on helping the child in every way.

A typical day in the life of a school teacher

6:00 AM Wake up.

7:00 AM Begin your commute by subway and bus.

7:45 am: Arrive at school

Teachers often arrive in the classroom at this time or even earlier. They get ready for the day, purchase the necessary equipment, and ensure that everything is for classes to begin.

8:20 am – Staff meeting

Staff meetings could be scheduled in the morning to catch up with the entire staff, year groups, and faculty members.

8:30 am to Plan the day

The day starts with form time. This could include uniforms and checking of the planner or some literacy and numeracy exercises.

9:00 am Morning lessons start

Every day doesn’t have the same with a full schedule of lessons. Teachers are given free time during the week. They are distributed throughout the week. These are times to review marking or to plan.

Lessons are typically fifty minutes long. Mornings can be planned as two 50-minute lessons, then a break, and then two more 50-minute lessons.

12:30 pm 30-minute lunch break

Lunchtime is my first opportunity for the teacher to breathe in the day, even if it is the case that I will spend all of the time working. It’s a well-deserved breather that gives the teacher the required break to rejuvenate and begin the next part of the lesson.

01:00 pm Lessons for the afternoon

After lunch, there are two 50-minute lessons.

03:00 pm Last class of the day

Teachers are usually at the school for a few hours to mark or plan administrative tasks or talk to parents about the behavior issues. On certain days schools will hold staff meetings or time for professional development after the kids have gone home.

05:00 pm After School

Teachers’ responsibilities after school vary significantly based on the particular school needs. Teachers often use the time after the students leave the classroom to clean up or make the classroom ready to be used for the following day.

Day in the Life of a School Teacher

The most challenging part?

A significant and challenging aspect of teaching has to adapt. Teachers must be ready to handle any circumstance and modify our lessons or schedules at the last moment. Sometimes discussion with Parents can be challenging too, teachers need to have the skill of listening and genuinely understand and solve parents’ concerns and complaints.

Final thoughts

Being a teacher is an act of self-confidence and pride. It takes perseverance and determination to pick the field and then go through the process. Teachers are well-known as selfless and are willing to put in the effort to share with their students the knowledge they’ve acquired throughout their lives.