6 Ideas – How Working Parents can Pick Up Kids from School

Work from Home

Today, it is not uncommon for parents to work away from home in the United States. Therefore, in many cases, special arrangements must be made to pick up the kids from school.

So, the question is, how do working parents pick up kids from school? Unfortunately, the answer to this question usually varies from one working parent and situation to the next.

This is because not all working parents are using the same solution to address these concerns. With that being said, here are six things parents can do to ensure their kids are picked up from school on time.

01. Use Lunch Break to Pick Up Kids

To pick up the kids from school, some parents may skip their regular lunch break to ensure they are regularly picked up from elementary, kindergarten, junior high, or high school. In these situations, some parents may take a late lunch or an early lunch break to ensure their kids can be picked up on time.

Therefore, they may not get a chance to sit down comfortably during lunch to eat. Instead, they are usually on the run, especially if they only have an hour to clock back in.

02. Moms and Dads Share this Duty

When parents work, they may agree to share these duties whenever possible. For example, they may even take turns on specific days throughout the week to pick up their kids. Or, one parent may pick up the children daily to ensure the children are picked up and dropped back home safely.

So, every situation is different based on numerous factors, including factoring in the hours scheduled for work and the agreement that couples make at the beginning of the school year.

03. Grandparents Pitch in By Picking Up the Kids for the Parents

If grandparents are in the home or available to help, they may pitch in regularly. For instance, some grandparents may pick up their grandchildren from school to help the parents out while at work.

Or, they may only play the role of a backup, precisely when the parent may be required to work late or called in for other work-related emergencies.

How Working Parents can Pick Up Kids from School

04. Single Moms Take Turns with the Ex

Single parents are often tasked with doing everything they can to pick up their kids from school on time. Therefore, they may need to devise a suitable and reliable plan with their ex at the beginning of every school year.

And, based on the situation and their relationships with their ex, they may arrange, in advance, for their kids to be picked up from school regularly. Or in the event of an emergency that cannot be avoided.

05. Pay for After School Care to Extend Hours

The hours a mom or father works can affect who picks up the kids from school. If both parents are working long hours, they may elect to take another course of action. For instance, if the parents cannot regularly pick up their child from school, they may select to pay for after-school care.

By paying for after-school care, kids can stay on campus for an extended time. Simply put, parents can pick up their kids after they are scheduled to leave work for the day. This option usually costs more money, but the kids will remain in a safe environment with teachers until they arrive.

06. Make Special Arrangements with the Boss – Consider Working Overtime

Special arrangements can also be made on the job by parents who work flexible job hours. For instance, if the company gives parents a chance to pick up their kids early from school, they can avoid missing their lunch break. However, instead, they may be forced to work overtime hours to make up for this time away.


Based on the circumstances, parents are always looking for the best ways to pick up their kids after school is out. Though many options are available, parents must select which one is best for their purposes. Sometimes, this may mean working overtime, depending on the grandparents to pitch in, agreeing on specific days between couples, and skipping lunch.

Because every situation is different, parents must pick and choose which ones are the most reliable and convenient for everyone involved.