How to Find Translation Jobs for Work from Home

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Translation Jobs for Work from Home – It is the ideal time to look for translation jobs if you are good at another language. People living outside the United States of America will also get excited because they are numerous translation jobs out in the market.

It is worth noting that translation jobs are typical nowadays. Remember that most translators prefer working online. This means that translation jobs are worth looking at, especially for people with a tight schedule.

Qualifications to Find Translation Jobs

The prospective candidates must thoroughly understand more than one language when searching for translation jobs.

Besides, it is essential to know the culture of the source language. One will be more advantaged if they have good writing skills in the language one wants to translate.

We have compiled several companies where you can find translation jobs. Remember that some of these companies are beginner positions while others require you to have experience handling translation jobs.

We hope the detailed list will be a good starting point if you seek reliable translation jobs.

Translation Jobs and Online Websites Hiring Translation Experts. Here is a list of Translation Jobs for Work from Home

1. Language Line

This website has been hiring in the last couple of years. You can search for a language line website on the internet, and you will have a position if you want to work as a home translator or interpreter.

Most of the positions offered by Language Line are contracts. Translation jobs in Language Line are fewer than compared to other websites.

The candidate must have at least five years of experience handling translation jobs. For beginners, the pay rate per working hour is $14.00, but experts may earn $30 per hour.

2. Stepes

It is one of the newest websites where you can find freelance translation jobs. You will discover numerous jobs on this platform in different languages.

Freelancers are assigned clients based on their talents and experience. With that in mind, you must have the best ratings to secure high-paying tasks.

Similar to other top websites such as Text master, the website allow freelancer to withdraw their earnings anytime. Interestingly, you can work from your phone. Stepes has several payment options which are not limited to PayPal and Stripe.

3. Gengo

Gengo is popular with many translators because they require minimal requirements for acceptance.

All you need to do to join this company is create a free account and take an easy test to validate your skills.

This company pays weekly through PayPal and Stripe. In addition, the rates per hour depend on the job you are handling and the level.

4. Textmaster

Every translator has heard about this company. The best thing about this website is that they accept professionals and semi-professionals. As a translator, you receive payments every two weeks through PayPal.

This is one of the best Translation Jobs for Working from Home.

5. Interpreter Inc.

This company recently listed multiple translation jobs on its website. The interpretation and translation jobs are open for applications worldwide.

The qualifications are straightforward: candidates should have two years of documented translation experience. In addition, it will be better if you have extensive knowledge of your native language. People with a good command of English will have an added advantage when applying for these jobs. If you are accepted to work for Interpreter Inc. as a contractor, you should be ready to work for different niches such as healthcare and manufacturing.

6. Language Scientific

People with experience in technical and medical translations will find this website much better. The qualifications to work for Language Scientific are much higher.

One must have at least seven years of experience as a professional translator. Besides, you must have a computer science, medicine, or engineering degree from a recognized university.

7. Acclaro

The global translation website is ideal for people with more than three years of documented experience in job translation.

Besides the experience, you must upload your degree certificate since you must translate different languages. The website has not disclosed their pay per hour.

8. Trans-perfect

Although numerous things are listed on their website, you will work as a translator freelancer for the company. The company is always looking for experienced translators from time to time.

Final Thoughts

Those are the best translation jobs websites you will find on the internet. Now that we have reviewed the best websites to look for translation opportunities, you can apply for the positions. Remember that you must be qualified to be accepted on most platforms.