Top 10 best homework apps for Parents and Children

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Homework Apps – Parents, are always supposed to help their children with homework; imagine after a hard and busy day at work, you reach home, and your child hits you with the most challenging homework ever.

You don’t have any choice but to help them get through the homework. Smartphones and other technological gadgets have become simple as they come with apps that help them understand the subjects and topics that they can quickly get answers to.

This article talks about the top 10 homework apps every parent and student needs for their homework assistance.

1. Quizlet homework app

Quizlet offers its users flashcards to help them build their vocabulary and language skills.

With this, the student can build sets of flashcards as per the needs and requirements of their study, which they can later use on their projects or when preparing for a test.

This app has a “Quizlet Learn” that enables learners to create a deadline for their learning process with an adaptive plan for study reminders and finish the checkpoints.

These flashcards can be used in many various subjects. In addition, the students interested in learning foreign languages can get help from these flashcards with objects or words.

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2. My Homework Student Planner

This is a beneficial planner for every student and their busy parents who first need to plan their homework schedule.

It is designed with a simple user interface and meets every functionality of your homework management.

It makes it easy for you to arrange the homework in the sequence which they should be done with particular checkpoints or reminders. However, this app lacks backup or synchronization features.

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homework apps

3. Khan Academy

If you are a student and have some difficult lessons to understand, then Khan Academy is the best homework app.

It is equipped with video tutorials from experts for many challenging subjects and students of different classes.

In addition, if you want your child to get the best grades on their projects or other assignments, this app will give you the best ideas to achieve this. It is even better with this app because you can read it offline and online.

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4. Toot homework app

Toot is among the few homework apps that enable texting, thus helping most students easily connect with their tutors, instructors, and coaches.

It can also allow you to view the profiles of the available professionals to decide the one you will work with or the best for your child.

This app ranks among the top because it gives the student and tutor direct interaction, and they can easily erase any doubts they have while doing their homework.

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5. Student Agenda

The app avails free planners and diaries designed by students for clean usage. It is a lightweight tool that students can use to create class schedules, assign time for co-curricular and academic events, and set reminders for their project due dates. Student Agenda gives notifications as per the schedule

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6. DuoLingo

This is the best app for any student with the aim and determination of learning new languages. It has the best language-building platform that enables interested students to practice learning the new language anywhere.

DuoLingo offers over 30 languages that students can choose from based on their interests. You get all exposures in that you can read, write and speak these languages

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7. Photomath homework apps

For many students, mathematics is a challenge, and if they do not get help, it can even worsen as they move to the following levels.

Photomath provides a solution to the most challenging math questions as it allows you to scan the problem and get step-by-step solutions to the answer.

You can solve every type of mathematic question in this app and even draw graphs and geometry.

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8. PowerSchool homework apps

PowerSchool is essential for both the student and the parent to help them manage their reports and school grades.

It is among the few interactive apps keeping the parents and school teachers connected. With the app, you get easy access to every academic information you need, such as handouts, bulletins, and attendance records.

It is an added advantage to parents because, through the app, they can receive emails and replies from school and easily keep track of their children’s performance records.

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9. Yousician homework apps

This is the app they need for children interested in music and who want to learn about it in much detail.

The app allows children to quickly improve their reasoning skills and learn musical instruments like piano, guitar, and bass.

It has charts and diagrams that give students feedback and areas for correction. In addition, it provides a step-by-step tutorial to help the learner develop their skill set.

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10. Adobe Spark homework apps

Visual stories and presentations are among the best-approved ways for students to learn instead of verbal lessons.

With Adobe Spark, you get unique features that enable you easily create animated videos, graphics, and web stories that make learning fun for most students.

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There you go, folks; as everyone knows, education is the key; therefore, parents and students should get the best homework apps that will enable them to become competitive in the future. The above top 10 homework apps discussed gives parents and students the most vital help.

Top 10 homework apps for students and parents

Homework app Features

1. Quizlet

• Offers flashcards

• Easy to create learning process deadline

• Flashcards can be used in multiple subjects

2. My Homework Student Planner

• This Allows users to plan their schedules

• Simple to use

• Easy to set reminders

3. Khan Academy • Equipped with video tutorials

• Provides ideas for projects and assignments

4. Toot

• Allows texting and direct communication between students and tutors

5. Student Agenda

• Offers free planners and diaries

• Lightweight and simple

• Easy to set reminders

6. DuoLingo

• Best for learning new languages

• Allows learners to write, speak and read new languages

7. Photomath

• Best for solving all mathematics problems

8. PowerSchool

• Connects teachers and parents

• Parents can track the performance records of their children

• Provides every essential academic detail

9. Yousician

• Gives children a platform to learn new music skills

• Best for learning musical instruments

10. Adobe Spark

• Teaches through virtual stories and presentations

• Makes learning fun and engaging.