How Much Does A School Bus Weigh?

How Much Does A School Bus Weigh

It’s not likely that you give much thought to your morning ride to school, but you might have considered how heavy your school bus is. This article addresses how much a school bus weighs and how much it can carry.

How much does a school bus weigh?

A school bus can weigh anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 pounds without its contents. When completely loaded, it can carry up to 36,000 pounds of cargo. Because different bus types have other components, the total weight of the bus might vary considerably.

The weight of a school bus is based on the following:

  1. Length
  2. Number of seats and people using them
  3. Substances Used in Buildings
  4. Storage Space
  5. Size of the gas tank

Given the importance of all the considerations above, it’s clear that there is no single, fixed weight for a school bus. The actual weight of each bus model may differ slightly from the listed average.

School Bus TypeSeaterEmpty Weight (Pounds)Empty Weight (Kgs)* Gross Vehicle Weight (Pounds)Gross Vehicle Weight (Kgs)
Type A-11210,0004,53614,5006,577
Type A-22410,0004,53621,5009,752
Type B2410,0004,53621,5009,752
Type C7215,5007,03130,00013,608
Type D7225,00011,34036,00016,329
* The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the maximum total weight a vehicle can take safely. Counting the curb weight (weight of the vehicle when it’s empty) PLUS the weight with passengers, fuel, and Cargo accessories added to the vehicle.
School Bus


How Long Is A School Bus?

A School bus is between 20 and 45 feet, an acceptable dimension for a school bus.

Type A buses are the smallest, coming in at roughly 20 feet in length, while Type C and D buses can be as long as 45 feet.

The typical width of the interior of larger school buses is 7.5 feet.

How Much Do School Bus Drivers Make?

Bus drivers who put in a full 9 months’ worth of service are paid differently from one state to the next and daily. The annual salary for a school bus driver is around $37,000.

Compensation might start at $15,000 and go as high as $67,000. During that year, the top 25% earned just over $60,000, while the bottom 25% made less than $35,000.

How Much Does A School Bus Cost?

The average price of a brand-new school bus is from $90,000 to $290,000.

Why Are School Buses Yellow?

In 1939, yellow was chosen as the standard at a national meeting on school transportation. Yellow is used for school buses to be seen in any lighting conditions.

How Many Seats Are On A School Bus?

It’s not always possible to tell how many students can fit on a school bus. Larger type D buses can seat up to 90 passengers, whereas smaller type A buses seat 10 to 24.

A School Bus Weighs How Many Tons?

A school bus can weigh anywhere from 5 to 15 tons. There is a wide range in school bus weights, from under 7 tons for the smallest vehicles to over 11 tons for the largest.

How Much Weight Can A School Bus Hold?

A school bus has a weight capacity of 10,000 lbs. to 36,000 lbs. How many people a bus can accommodate at once is a function of both the bus’s size and design.

Gross vehicle weight ratings for big school buses can be up to 36,000 pounds. When it comes to tiny school buses, the GVWR usually is around 10,000 pounds.