How to work from home with Pets?

How to work from home with Pets

Most people think that working from home is impossible with a pet. The truth is that many animals can be surprisingly obedient if they’re taught right from the start. Some pets may require more supervision than others, but the same can be said for children or any small animal who may get into things and cause trouble around the house.

Working from home requires time management and discipline; it will be no different for your pets than for you! So, how to work from home with pets? This post brings specific tips for each pet to help you function appropriately from home without distractions.

Challenges faced by those who work from home and have pets

Having a pet at home poses a few challenges. Here are some challenges that those who work from home with pets face:

  • You have to set aside time to care for the pets while working- Ideally, it is recommended that some parts of the day are reserved for playtime with pets as this helps them feel like they are part of the family and not just animals in a cage that you bring out only when needed.
  • Pets need to be entertained- Pets can get a little stir crazy if they are stuck at home all day without anyone to interact with.
  • Noise- Another challenge is that your pets may make a lot of noise while on an important call, which can be very distracting and agitating. It is like a small child in the house, making weird sounds, calling out for attention, and wanting to play with you all the time.

General Tips on how to WFH with pets

Here are some general tips on how to work from home with pets:

  • Put their bed closer to where you are working- If your pet isn’t much distractive, put their bed closer to you to assist them in feeling close to you.
  • Use Treats- If you are on an important call or a Zoom meeting, use treats to keep your pet busy and quiet. Treats may be used as a bribe to keep the pet from bothering you.
  • Remember, you shouldn’t give them too many treats. Give them only enough to keep them occupied, but not so much that they feel overfed.
  • Use Toys to keep the pet busy- Pets tend to get bored, so toys are a great distraction. At times, you can even play with them by throwing the toy at their feet to have them chase after it or bring it back to you.
  • Take a break from work to play with your pet- It is good to set aside a break from work for an hour or two to play with the pet and give them attention. This will give you a mental break and allow you to return to work refreshed.
  • Choose playtime- Your pets will be highly active during playtime, requiring much attention to avoid accidents and get home safely at the end of playtime. Choosing a playtime will allow you to be with your pet and play with them.
  • Exercise- You can either go on long walks or runs together then have some free time at home or else have a long walk first thing in the morning before work while they sleep, and they’ll still nap during your work hours as they’re tired.

Specific tips if you have an adult dog at home (or a dog with an adult personality)

  • Give your dog a high-energy exercise session before starting to work- Have an active play session with your dog before starting to work.
  • Give your dog treats and toys to keep them busy- Buy toys that distract your dog from your work. Some dogs are incredibly moody, and they may become upset when they can’t have access to a toy.
  • Entertain your dog with mechanical toys- Use mechanical toys that will entertain your dog for hours. These toys are perfect for keeping your dog busy and preventing them from being bored at home.
  • Give your dog treats regularly- If you think a treat might be needed to distract your pet, then always have a supply of treats at hand, so it will relieve some stress and help get their mind occupied.

Specific tips if you have a puppy dog at home

  • Keep Training Sessions Short but Interesting- When working from home, you may think you will have enough time to train your puppy. That may not happen as much as you’d like because we tend to work longer hours in our home office. Make sure you keep your training sessions short and fun; don’t overdo it by trying to walk him for too long or give him too many treats during training because that might make him bored or frustrated.
  • Give your puppy frequent healthy treats to keep them occupied as you work- Have healthy treats with you at all times. This can help keep your puppy busy, but he should never be overfed as this will make him sick. Puppies can also be held under your hand or in your lap to keep them contented for a while.
  • Give interactive toys to your puppy to keep them busy- Puppies can also be given interactive toys that keep them occupied as they work. These toys are also suitable for distracting puppies from being bored at home all day.
  • Spare a few minutes cuddling your puppy- If you find your puppy fussy, hold them close to you and pet them lovingly. Take a little time, like 5 to 10 minutes, to cuddle with them so they can feel loved and be a little more relaxed.

Specific tips if you have a cat at home

  • Cats are highly active and curious animals, so they will enjoy having toys they can play with while you work on significant projects. If you have a cat, get them interactive and laser toys to keep them occupied. These toys have batteries that cause the laser beam to move, and your pet will chase after it, which keeps the pet busy for hours.
  • If you see your cat is being very quiet, then it’s a good idea to offer them a toy or treat to get them amused.
  • If your cat is not busy, place her in a spot closer to where you work. This will encourage them to play with the toy while still being close to you, so they feel like they are part of your day. It might also help you get more work done if your ca is in a cheerful mood and happy to see you.

Specific tips if you have Caged rodents, such as rats and hamsters, at home

Rodents need a lot of attention and care. In the wild, they can get some rest and even run freely in many different ways, but they will not have this chance in captivity. You will have to take measures that will make it possible for your pet to feel comfortable and calm all the time.

  • Play with your pet for like 5 minutes- Rodents are very social animals, and when they do not have the opportunity to interact with other individuals, they will get stressed. It would be best if you made time for your pet every day so it can grow up healthy and happy.
  • Bring their bed near your work- This is such a little thing, but you can create a home for your pet by bringing their bed near you so it can find comfort and curiosity about you.

Specific tips if you have Birded at home

  • Birds are very social animals and will always be interested in playing a game with their owner. These animals are susceptible to noise and bright lights, so you should do your best to make them comfortable when you work from home.
  • Swap the bird toys from time to time- When you bring your birds home, you must keep them busy to not distract you. It would help if you swapped out bird toys regularly as you work, so they never get bored or stressed.
  • Socialize with the bird on your breaks- You should take time out of your day to let your bird interact with you. Socialization is crucial for birds, so do not be afraid to spend some time with it every day.
  • Let them get some exercise time- Birds are very active, so they must jump and fly around to stay happy. You should ensure you give them enough space so that you can play with them when on breaks.

Specific tips if you have Reptiles at home

  • Keep them busy and engaged with automated toys- Reptiles are very timid creatures and may not feel comfortable if they are by themselves all the time. So it would help if you tried to keep them busy and engaged. It would help if you also wanted to give them human interaction daily so they can grow up healthy and happy.
  • Set aside time to check on the reptile’s environment- It is essential for the snake to be comfortable, so you should ensure that it is getting enough sunlight, clean water, and a balanced diet.
  • Play games with your reptiles- Birds are social animals, so they like to play games with their owners. These games involve you and your pet interacting with each other and creating a bond that will be lifelong.
  • Feed them at the right time- Feeding your reptiles at the same time every day will help them know what is happening around them and make them feel more comfortable.

Specific tips if you have Horses at home

A horse at home is a great companion; they don’t need much care and are very social animals that can help you relax. Here are tips if you have a horse at home and still working from home;

  • Give your horse enough exercise before or after working hours- Horses are very energetic and will require regular exercise to stay in good shape. If you have ample enough space for the horse, it’s recommended that you take them for a walk or jog around the block. Your horse will feel more comfortable if you walk them around the house before or after work.
  • Find time to ride your horse daily- Horses have different personalities, but most of them get bored when you do not spend time with them daily.
  • Spare some time to show the horse affection- Horses are susceptible animals and require a lot of love and attention from their owners. They may seem strong from the outside but can be very timid, so they respond better to warmth and understanding.
  • Give your horse enough space for exercise-You must allow your horse to get enough exercise every day even if you are too busy working from home; it will be good for both of you since horses need a lot of activities to maintain their healthy lifestyle.


Working from home with pets can be done if you keep everything in order around the house and have time management skills. Pets do not have to disturb your work or cause any trouble as long as you teach them how they can behave appropriately in the house and are obedient.