Is High School Scary? What to Expect on the 1st Day!!

Is high school scary?

Is High School scary? – Any child starting high school is probably scared, which is expected as they tend to feel nervous about starting high school. However, it could be better if you considered staying positive all through this and even remembering how new classmates feel and look nervous on their first days at school.

You can relax your mind by learning more about your new school on their websites or even in journals. To make it even easier, consider going for orientations to get instructions and directions about every facility you will use in the school.

Remember, human beings result from their thoughts; if you are anxious, your days at that school will be challenging and even scary. However, once you master the art of dealing with your anxiety, you are good to go, and honestly, it won’t be scary anymore.

When you are settled, you might even laugh at yourself, wondering why you were nervous and anxious in the first place.

Here are the things you should do if you have anxiety about joining high school:

1. Calm your nerves

You are nervous; you don’t know what awaits you, so keeping your nerves calm is best. You might be wondering how you can do this; here are some ways that will help you ease your nerves:

• Stay positive and keep yourself encouraged

Being nervous about the first day you spend in high school is typical. However, keeping your mind open and ready for new experiences, learning, meeting new people, and other fun activities in high school would be best.

Put much of your mind on the positive things from high school. Imagine this is where you can meet your lifetime friend or even get to discover new habits that can lead you to your career.

Remember, a high school might feel stressful, but many good and amazing things come out of it with fantastic moments.

• Remind yourself of your nervous new classmates

It is usual for new situations to be stressful most of the time; however, you are not alone; the new students in your class have the same feeling, which later ends. Remember, deep down, even if you see someone looking cool and calm, they are nervous.

• Don’t focus on nervous questions

Most of the things your mind will be thinking about will be your worries; for instance, you might wonder if you can make friends or whether the teachers there will like you.

If you happen to be in such a state, it could be better to take a deep breath and stop thinking about that. Speak to yourself and affirm that there is nothing to worry about, you had had such experiences before and got through them, and for this, you will.

• Talk to someone about your nervousness

You can talk to an older sibling or parent about how nervous you are or any other person you trust who has been to high school. This is essential because they know what you feel and can help you get through it as they did to themselves. They understand how it feels and what should be done to calm you down.

Is high school scary?

2. Learn about your new high school

You need to be aware of some of the things that await you; how do you know these? Try learning about your school; there are various ways of doing this, which are:

• Check your school’s website

You need to get online and check out your school, go to their website or social media pages. Here, you will know what the surroundings look like and familiarize yourself. Find out the activities within the school and have your mind prepared to face anything that comes across.

• Take orientation seriously

The school offers all the new students orientation before they are officially let into the school. Ensure you attend the orientation; this is where you will get the information you need to walk through the school. Moreover, here is where you will get to meet and know some of your new classmates and start connecting.

• Go through the school’s map

Once you get the school’s map, you must mark the unique and essential places such as the locker rooms, classes, and homeroom.

Try estimating the distance you will be walking from one location to another; this will help you properly manage your time and operation while at school.

• Ask older friends for help

You should consider finding out if you have any older friends in high school. There is probably someone you might know with the most significant population there.

Get in touch with friends who might have started high school earlier, like a year or two; they will greatly help here. If your older siblings were in that school, you could ask for their help on what you feel is stressing you.

3. Be ready to meet new people

It would help if you met new people, you might not want to interact with them but rest assured, you will meet entirely new people in high school. Not everyone is always excited about this; be ready and know that you will meet new people.

Here is how you will cope with this:

• Talk to people you haven’t met before

You might end up with some people you were in middle school; however, it could be much better if you consider making new friends. Please don’t talk to people you only know; take your time, relax and start talking to new people; remember, it is easy to lose your friends in middle school because it is normal for friends to change over time.

• Be yourself

Don’t try to act and be something else to impress anyone, don’t switch your wardrobe or even change your hair to fit a particular group. Moreover, be expected, and don’t exert too much effort when introducing yourself to someone. Stick to your interests and hobbies because they say the right people will eventually catch up with you, just like you are.

• Start with small talks or compliments

It might be challenging to talk to new people, and timid people. Pay attention to what is good about the person you want to talk to, then genuinely complement them. It might be their shoes, jackets, eyes, hair, or any other good thing in the person. This is the simplest way to start a conversation with someone you are interested in.

• Join a club

You will start hearing about the extra-curricular activities in the school, and you should take the opportunity and join a club or take part in such activities.

Most people meet in clubs and other activities outside class; therefore, you might consider taking this seriously because this is the same place you will find people with similar hobbies.

4. Attending the first class

Now you have your mind prepared and know about the school; you have some knowledge about what to expect.

Here are various ways to ensure that your first class will be fantastic:

• Take a bus, drive, or walk to school

Prepare yourself by getting up early, doing your morning routine, and taking your breakfast with no rush. You can use any easy and available way to school, your parent can drop you off, or you can take a bus. Arrive early to avoid any confusion; boost your confidence in class or even around the school.

• Report at the homeroom or assembly

You should start your day at the assembly or homeroom; this is where attendance is taken. In addition, other announcements are made plans for the day if it won’t be a typical day at school.

You will know how your day starts and ends in this environment; this is essential as it ensures you are not confused about anything for the day

• Track your locker

Most high schools have lockers, so you must have a locker number and lock, typically issued during the orientation. You need to fix a time in your schedule when you can go to your locker so that you can swipe books.

Some lockers do not have an in-built lock combination, and in this case, you should consider getting a lock combination for your safety.

• Walk with someone to class

If you find someone in the same class, consider tagging them along. Start a conversation as you walk with them to class, and ask them about their middle school experience, what they did, and their hobbies.

Walking with someone can quickly boost your confidence because even if you get lost, you will figure the way out as long as you are two.

• Lost? Ask for directions

This is a new place with higher chances of losing you; no one will ever judge you for getting lost. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask if you find yourself lost and do not know where you are heading. Look around. Do you see anyone who seems to be knowing the place? If yes, then ask for direction.

• Teachers will always help you

High school teachers may seem stricter than middle school teachers; let this not scare you from asking for help from them. If you do not understand something, you should consider asking for help from your teachers. It could be better in every situation if you considered consulting them.

Existing myths about high school

Every person and middle school kid must have heard something about high school, something they believe is up to date. However, if you are worried, breathe and relax because these are just myths. The following are some common myths about high school:

1. Fun is only for famous kids

High school is nothing like what you see in the movies; no particular group runs the entire school. However, you will find other people more outgoing, but this should not mean that they are more powerful or have a better say than most of you.

2. People drive cool cars to school

This has been the most extended myth confusing children in high school; you should know that the best way to get your car is by finishing school and getting a job.

However, some children are born into wealthy families that they are bought cars in high school, but these make up the smallest school percentage. Thus, do not feel wrong about anything; work hard to get yourself a fantastic car.

3. Appearance equals acceptance

Most people become aware of their fashion and style sense in high school; however, this does not mean you go beyond expectations.

Everyone wants to look good and presentable; that way, you will be comfortable; therefore, ensure you are comfortable, groomed, and dressed appropriately. Do not get into weird clothing styles that leave you looking like a clown.

4. High school is the best moment of your life

Most teenagers get to high school and think these will be the best years. This is where most kids try many things, including sex and drugs; you should be careful in this stage; remember, you are also meeting people from different places and backgrounds.

This is a lie; high school is not the best time of your life, and this is where your life starts. Some friends you make here will be your lifetime friends. Be careful of the people you interact with within this stage; your best lives begin in your thirties and forties.

5. Only grades matter in high school

Another top myth existing in the minds of most people planning to join high school is that only grades matter, and they should not participate in other extra-curricular activities.

However, as much as grades sound more critical here, other activities also play an essential role in your life later. There is more to learn in high school than biology and chemistry; here, you will learn about patience, compassion, and humility, among other virtues.

The bottom line is – Is high school scary?

Getting to high school seems scary, but it should not be; if you are nervous or feel uncomfortable, try to find a way to get comfortable. Remember, you will not be new here forever; after some time, you will become a senior and leave school, ensuring you make good use of every minute in this place.

Some Facts about High School

The number of students in higher education in India was 40 million as of 2020. This number was expected to rise to 92 million in 2035. For example, the gross enrollment ratio for higher education in India was 27.1 percent in 2021. Source Statista