Is it illegal to pay someone to do your homework?

Is it illegal to pay someone to do your homework?

When you get to those upper levels of education, teachers and professors think you are mature enough to handle much more work. They also believe you can take a volume of complicated assignments.

Some students can rise to the challenge and meet those expectations. But those who can’t often turn to one of the myriads of writing companies that advertise over the internet.

But is this alternative legal to use? The answer to this question is coming up. Just continue to read to find out the real answer.

When you need help with your assignments

Modern education may lighten up when it comes to homework and assignments but not every school or university has received that memo. There are still professors and teachers who like to pile on those assignments and keep their students super busy.

When this happens to you, there are several options available that you can turn to. Here are two of those options:

1. Hire a fellow student

These students may be extra smart or a year or grade ahead of you. They have already taken the course, so they know what is expected and what to write. However, this option is expensive, and if you are caught, you will get into trouble.

2. Go to a writing website

There are more than enough of them on the internet, and it is not difficult to sign up for one or more of them. You only need to be careful that many of these sites are all related and owned by the same company.

There may be other options, like apps that can be downloaded or topic-specific writing websites, but they all boil down to these two categories. You are paying someone to write your homework for you.

The cost of hiring an internet writing company

When you compare paying a fellow or former student to write your paper and hiring a writing company to do the work, it may be cheaper to go with the latter. The hiring company Is not taking any risks, so their fees can be lower than the students.

When you contact a writing company, their fees are usually listed on the front page, or a link takes you to their fee schedule. The total costs you will have to pay will depend on several factors.

Those factors will include the subject matter, the complexity of the topic or content, how many pages are, and most importantly, the deadline. The quicker you need that paper returned, the higher the cost to you.

If you need next-day or two-day service, you can pay as high as $18 to $20 per page or more. If the deadline is a few weeks away, that same paper may only cost you between $5 and $7 per page or less.

It all depends on the writing company and how they price their services. What is good about these writing companies is that they offer various services to meet all your assignment needs. Just be prepared to pay much money to get a ghostwriter to help you.

Also, you will need a credit card to make the payment. These companies do not work without a deposit or the total amount put on your account. They do not offer any credit plans or go on a write now pay later basis.

You will need the funds upfront if you want to get a writer to work with you. The good news is that if you are not satisfied with the quality of the content, you can ask for a revision or not accept the work. The latter gets your money back, while the former may get you better quality if you are lucky.

You stay in control of the funds and the quality of your paper, but if you are like other students and get a terrible writer, even revisions do not help. There is a lot of risk in hiring a writer at one of those writing companies as you never know who will do the writing for you.

You may still miss your deadline or have to write the paper to submit it on time.

Is it illegal to pay someone to do your homework in the US?

There are a lot of risks when you hire someone to write your assignments for you. That is the bad news. There is a silver lining in all of this risk, though. If caught, you will not be going to jail.

Unless state and federal laws have changed very recently, it is not illegal to hire someone to write your papers for you or do other assignments for you. That is one worry you can remove from your mind right now.

No police officer or federal agent will be knocking on your college dorm door or the door to your bedroom at home if you take this route to stay current with your homework.

As long as you have a credit card, a low balance on that card, and the courage, you can sign up at one of those writing websites and hire someone to help you meet your deadlines.

Is it ethical to hire someone to write your papers?

This is the gray area of this system. In most situations, it is unethical to hire someone to do your work for you. Some universities consider this cheating and wrong.

They usually either suspend or expel you. The severity of your punishment will be determined by different factors, including if this was your first time or not. Or you may only get an ‘F’ for the course and have to retake that class to graduate.

If you take that last option, you best be on your toes as all your submitted work will be heavily scrutinized. You may have to prove you wrote it yourself before the teacher accepts it.

There is one way to hire a writer to write for you and remain ethical. You can pay the money, get the paper reported, and when you download it from the company’s website, you re-write it in your own words.

The hard work is done for you, all the references are there, and you can still use them. The only difference is that you put the content in your own words. That option will still save you time.

Plus, it should keep you out of trouble with the university or high school you are attending. You did the work; you just used the ideas and references to help you get the content in a way that reflects your thinking and not someone else’s.

Final word

It is not illegal to hire someone to do your homework, but there can be other complications if you are caught. Your educational institution or school and colleague can take disciplinary action against you. It is also not ethical to get your homework done by someone else as it defeats the purpose of Homework. So I would suggest doing your homework yourself instead of taking the risk of outsourcing it.