16 Reason Why does school Block WIFI, internet, and gaming?

Why does school Block WIFI, internet and gaming

Many schools want to control what is shown on their students’ screens. They are looking for ways to prevent students from playing video games, and they want to stop them from accessing the information on the internet.

Schools have been implementing filters that block much content, including pornography and violence, but they also affect students’ video-gaming time.

Here are 15 reasons why school wifi blocks internet and gaming

1. Schools want students to work and learn, not play games

It’s been proven that students who play games regularly are likelier to maintain a high grade point average. It can also be noted that the distractions of playing games could easily cause learning to be disrupted.

Schools want their students to focus on schoolwork and not get carried away with anything else, so they filter out all internet traffic- including gaming websites and apps.

2. Schools worry about firewalls and viruses

Schools have very sensitive information that they are responsible for protecting. They usually have a firewall to block any traffic that might cause harm to the school’s computer systems. In addition, students could unknowingly download a virus and send it out through the school’s network.

Schools must be sure that their computers are safe from these threats, so they filter all internet traffic to keep the information inaccessible and private.

3. Parents complain about children taking out their iPads at school

If students are looking up things they shouldn’t be looking at or playing games in class, it can make the teacher’s job very difficult. In addition, it might distract other students from the lesson while they watch their friends play games.

Parents may also be concerned and complain to school officials if they think their child is using the iPad in class too much, so the school will filter out internet access to keep everyone happy.

4. School wifi blocks mobile internet access because streaming videos is too heavy on the system

There are usually limited resources at schools, and when students want to watch something on their iPods, the school cannot allow it because it will create too much strain on the network.

Therefore, wireless internet access is filtered over wireless networks because of this reason to keep everyone happy.

5. Security Concerns

Schools worry about their students bringing in a USB key or other electronic device that could be used to spread viruses or even cause a fire.

Therefore, schools think it is best to block all internet traffic while in class, and they do not risk any problems while studying.

6. Schools have bandwidth limits

School networks are usually limited in terms of the amount of data that they can handle at one time. This is to save cost.

Too much traffic going through the network could cause the connection to slow down or even stop altogether. Therefore, schools will block all internet access over wireless networks to avoid these problems.

7. Schools are worried about cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has become a massive issue in schools today. Schools do not want to allow students to have open access to social media sites and messaging apps notorious for spreading rumors and other harmful content. They can avoid this issue by filtering internet access at school and keeping everyone safe online.

8. The school can block all wifi access to test internet speeds and monitor consumption

Schools have been known to block all internet traffic over wifi networks once in a while to monitor their servers and the amount of data being used. They usually do this at night when no one is on the internet so they can evaluate their infrastructure. They also do this because any problem or issue should be detected quickly so it can be fixed.

9. Some students are using the school for personal activity

Sometimes students will try to use school wifi networks for noneducational purposes such as checking their email or using social media sites. In addition, some students have been known to access websites that were forbidden or blocked in the past. School wifi stops internet and gaming to avoid these problems.

10. Schools might block all wifi for future upgrades for security

To ensure that their systems are secure and virus-free, schools may decide to block all internet access over wireless networks at some point in the future.

They usually make this decision when they think it is necessary or if there are various issues or problems with their existing network.

11. Schools worry about their network being overloaded

School networks are usually limited in the amount of space they can allocate to the wireless internet connection. Increased usage of the Internet would cause a financial impact on schools.

The relationship might slow down or even stop when there is too much traffic. Therefore, schools filter all internet access to keep everything running smoothly.

12. School wifi blocks gaming because it costs money to install and maintain

Some schools have internet access and wifi installed, but they are not using it. They might make this decision based on budget restrictions.

In addition, schools think it’s better to not install the wireless network than to install it and then discover that there is financial difficulty in maintaining the internet connection.

Roblox on School Computer

13. Schools worry about students cheating

Teachers are responsible for creating fair tests for their students, so they need to ensure that none of them gains any unfair advantage over another student.

If a student can access study guides, videos, or even other students’ answers on a test through their iPad or iPhone, the teacher will feel like nothing prevents their students from cheating. Therefore, schools filter internet access to prevent this from happening.

14. Gaming and the internet slow down your computer

Your computer will slow down significantly when playing a game or watching a video at school. This is mainly because the processor and video card work harder than they would while you’re doing homework or surfing the internet.

In addition, school wifi blocks gaming because you could conceivably overload the school’s wireless network if too many students are trying to watch videos or play games on their computers simultaneously.

15. School needs to block unapproved programs

Some schools have companies come in and install apps on devices that they provide to parents. By having these programs installed on the devices, they can monitor internet activity and block any illegal or inappropriate content that might be accessed.

However, sometimes these programs do not work correctly and block all internet access, so schools disable them to keep everything running smoothly.

16. access sites for illegal purposes, like looking for hacking information or downloading viruses

Schools are usually paranoid about viruses and hacking programs. These programs could cause damage to the school’s network and affect everyone trying to access it. Therefore, schools worry about students attempting to access these things and block all internet access over wireless networks.

Conclusion – Why does the school Block WIFI, internet, and gaming

There are many reasons schools have filtering software on their computers in their school; they are there to protect the students from doing bad things and don’t want their students to get in trouble. Schools are one of the best places to learn and improve their learning abilities, but sometimes they can get sidetracked and start using the internet to do something that is not allowed.