Can Hairdressers Work from Home, and is it Legal?

Hairdressers Work from Home

Traditionally, it’s normal for hairdressers to work from home. Hairdressers, as much as they need to be in contact with their clients, it doesn’t mean that they must have a salon or a place to report to. If you wonder, can hairdressers work from home, then the answer is – Yes, Hairdressers can work from Home.

In recent years, hairdressers used to invite their clients to their home comfort zone to make their hair. However, the same is still applicable but with some close supervision due to government restrictions, regulations, and guidance.

Legal Considerations When Starting Hairdressing From Home

As much as hairdressing from home is legal, it also has some strict regulations which make it harder to be met. Before having one, you must consult your country’s cosmetology board about the requirements first. Here are the essentials for starting a home hairdressing business.

1. Licenses And Permits

A business permit is an additional and necessary requirement for your business on top of a cosmetology license. A resale permit may also be necessary if you plan to resale products to your clients.

A zoning permit can also be another requirement that depends on your home’s location. These will help prove that you own the business legally.

2. Salon Equipment

Portability and flexibility are key factors when you want to open your hairdressing business at home. You can look for a wheeled chair, the portable and flexible ones. You should also purchase portable hairdryers, which will save some cost compared to stationery dryers.

Look for a proper shampoo station, get a spray attachment that helps in the sinks and some necessary hairdressing items like rollers, curlers, styling products, pins, and get a wheeled cart to store them.

3. Taxes and Finances

Taxpaying is a compulsory act that must be done by most business owners with a profit intent. Also, hairdressers get to be among those expected to make tax payments. There are also federal income taxes paid yearly by hairdressers regardless of where they work.

Hairdressers can, however, limit taxes paid by ensuring they limit costs incurred in their home business. Such limitations can be reduced by training, bookings, business conferences, continuous education, styling books, industry memberships, conventions, and cosmetology publications.

4. Marketing And Advertising

Home hairdressers are not in a position to make bigger advertisements since they are located at their homes. Indeed, most hairdressers will not get a place to advertise their services since they might be in rental apartments that don’t allow signage. However, home hairdressers can opt for fliers, place coupons, and align them in some boutiques and salons that complement each other. When they create good relationships with their complementing businesses, they will market and advertise their products. You can also make online advertisements to help people locate you using your social handles like Twitter.


When you follow the above as a home hairdresser, then with no doubt, you can successfully get your business up and working, even if it’s from home. Also, offering quality services will make your client always want to come back and even refer more other clients.