How To Find A Lost School Chromebook – Easy Steps

Losing your Chromebook can be both a devastating and helpless experience. Since most people have much personal information, they are often anxious about strangers using their devices and deciding what they can do with them. Yet, if this problem ever happens, you must become familiar with how you can completely recover quickly.

That being said, here is some information that can help you to get started.

How Can You Locate Your Chromebook After it has been lost?

First of all, before you decide that your situation is helpless, you need to know that you can do a few things to find your lost Chromebook.

One of the most advantageous is to use another device to assist you with finding your Chromebook. For instance, you may want to use your desktop computer with a Windows, Linux, or MAC operating system. Or, you may use your mobile phone to care for your problems. Either way, one of these devices can be used to log into your account. Here are a few steps that you can follow.

Step 1 – Get another Device with Google Chrome

 From someone else’s desktop computer, click on Google Chrome’s icon to launch their browser.

Once your browser has been launched, ensure you are in incognito mode. By pulling up incognito mode, you can protect your personal information so that no one else will have a record of your browsing history, site data, or info entered into a form you have filled out. Simply put, you want to be in incognito so your activity cannot be tracked.

Click on the 3 dots on the right-hand top corner of the Google Chrome browser and select “New Incognito Window.”

School Chromebook

Step 2 – Sign out of your Google Account Remotely

While looking for your Chromebook’s location, there are a few other things you may want to do first. One of the most important is logging out of your account so that no one gains access to your information.

Fortunately, you do not have the google chrome book in your position to do this. Instead, you can sign out of your account remotely. You can use another device and sign out of your Google Account.

Also, to protect the security of your Chromebook, you can log in as an Admin role. Admin will allow you to change your password so that no one can access your documents or personal information easily.

Sign out of Google Account

School Chromebook

Step 3 – Finding your physical Google Chromebook

Once you have logged out of your Google account, you can explore other options to locate it physically. Finding your Google Chromebook has its limitations. This is mainly because Google’s Chromebook does not contain features and applications that allow you to find the exact location.

This is because Google Chromebook does not have GPS. Since GPS is not on these devices, it isn’t easy to find the precise location of the Chromebook. That being said, however, here are a few things that you can do to recover your Chromebook physically.

Risk of Chromebook getting Lost

If a Google Chromebook is lost or stolen, the person with access to it cannot take full advantage of its usage. This is primarily because there is a serial number on these devices that helps to distinguish them from one Google Chromebook to another.

Since this number is distinct, the person with access to it must give it back if it has been stolen. It is also important to note that apps can be used to track your Google Chromebook online.

However, some of these apps are not as accurate, so you may not be able to find the exact location but the vicinity that it is actually in.

Conclusion – How to find a lost school Chromebook

How to find Google Chromebook can be challenging. Yet, as you get started, you will find that the Google Chromebook has features that can help you to disable it so that no one can access your personal information. Or, trace the history of your activities through Google’s browser.