10 Easy Ways How to Get Teenager to Do Homework

How to Get Teenager to Do Homework

Teenagers are difficult to handle when it comes to doing Homework. Some of them will give parents so many reasons to have the Homework postponed to a later date or time. They want to spend their time on their phones or TV and not do Homework.

However, Homework is essential, and they have to do it. Parents should come up with strategies on how to make their teenage children do their Homework. Fighting or shouting at them won’t help; all you need is a good strategy.

This article will help you with 10 Easy Ways How to Get Teenagers to Do Homework

1. Create a Routine Time for Study

It’s advisable to set a specific time every day when your teen will be doing their studies. However, it would help if you didn’t do this alone; engage your son or daughter to know when they are more comfortable studying.

This will help the teen be more productive in their studies and do their homework well. In addition, setting a routine will make the teen adapt to that time, and when it’s time, the teen will automatically go to study without being reminded or pushed around.

2. Help the Teen Plan for Their Studies

Being part of your teen’s education journey will encourage them to work harder. Therefore, you should advise your teen to work hard and show them how to do so.

For example, if there is a lot of Homework, you will hear them complain and help them divide the work in the best way they can handle it.

Help them make a timetable that will help them do the Homework appropriately without forgetting to include break time.

3. Provide a Conducive Environment

The environment in which teen does their studies matters. You need to provide a learning environment that doesn’t have any distractions.

The room should be comfortable for the teen to do Homework in, so ensure there is enough lighting and the temperatures are friendly. If noise is a problem for the teen, you should also ensure no noise in that room.

However, you should know that all children are not the same, and you will find some get to concentrate in a noisy room more than a quiet one. Get to understand what your teen loves in their study environment.

4. Set Targets and Consequences

The teen should work towards a specific goal. Sit down with your teen and discuss the importance of doing school work. After convincing the teen, set targets to be met and promise a reward.

Good work should be rewarded, while lousy jobs should be punished. The reward should be a mutual agreement between you and your teen since if you force things, the teen will rebel, resulting in poor performance.

You can also write some educational, motivational quotes and stick them on the wall. Any time your teen feels they don’t want to study, they will read those quotes and motivate them to work harder.

5. Don’t Force Your Teen to Do Homework

How you approach your teen when talking about Homework is essential. They like to have their space at this stage, so you shouldn’t be too hard on them and keep checking on them.

After you have planned how the teen should do their Homework, you should avoid checking on them regularly. Give them space to be responsible, and they will do their best.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check on them; checking on them occasionally is not bad, but don’t be too much.

6. Show Your Teen the Need to Do Homework Through Example

If you have some office work to do, dedicate your time and concentration to that so that your teen will learn through you. Even when you feel too tired to handle that task, please don’t say it before them since they will remind you of what you do when you try to force them.

Do your work in a conducive environment that doesn’t have distractions. Please don’t do it while watching or with loud music on. Just show them what it means to concentrate on doing something.

7. Let the Teens Do Their Work

Please don’t do the Homework for the teens; you need to have them work on their assignments. You can direct them and let them do the job.

Doing the project for them will make them lazy every time they have Homework since they know you will do the Homework for them. Instead, provide the necessary learning materials for the Homework, and you can direct them on where to do their research.

This will make their work less and more enjoyable. Ensure the teen has all the learning materials ready for their Homework so that they will concentrate.

8. Acknowledge Good Work

When your teen does their Homework excellently, could you give them a part on the back? Let them know they are champions and what they did was good. Who doesn’t want to be congratulated? When you commend the teens, they work harder to get the same reception next time.

9. Monitor and Give Support

Know how far your teen is in doing their Homework, and ask whether the teen needs your help. Assure them of your Support and availability when they need you. Being too busy for your teen will demoralize them, so always have some time for them.

10. Assess Your Teen’s Behavior and Discuss With Their Teacher if You Realize Some Abnormality

If your child has serious problems doing Homework that seems simple, you need to find out how the child performs in school and their behavior. Your teen could have a learning disorder, so it’s good to follow up and help early.

How can I make my teen do Homework?

If you want your child to finish their work, focus on their behavior, not motivation. Instead of giving them a lecture, keep the process that helps the child complete their Homework. Use awards and recognize the child for Homework done well. Also, maintain the fear or explain the drawback of not down the Homework.

At what point should I stop helping my teen with Homework?

Your teen will be dealing with various challenges at this growing stage. He may not be organized, which can cause him to hate Homework. Initial handholding will be required until the process is set and they get accustomed to it. You can then stop helping them.

Can I force my teen to do Homework?

It would help if you never forced your teen to do Homework, this will cause them to rebel, and the objective will not be met. Instead, hand-hold your teen and set a process and regime for them. Once they are comfortable, you can stop helping them.

Final Thoughts – How to Get Teenager to Do Homework

It’s normal for teens to become rebels to most things during their teenage years, including studies, because of the many distractions around them. Failure to do their Homework will affect their studies, so they must be advised on the impacts of not doing Homework.

Every parent will feel stressed when their teen becomes rebellious about education matters. However, the only way to help them is to find a solution. Following the tips in this article will significantly help make your teen love education and do school assignments.