High Paying Work from Home Jobs with $100K earning

High Paying Work from Home Jobs with $100K earning

Being a professional doesn’t guarantee you a high-paying salary. Some professionals have made a fortune working from home. not all working from home pays well.

Many people want to make a good life working, but not all jobs offer the salary and comfort you require. So what are some of the best well-paying working from home jobs that pay well?

01. Business development manager

The pay scale always ranges from 44k dollars to 121k dollars. It is one of the high-paying work-from-home jobs. The main work of a business development manager is to develop plans, manage accounts and identify new clients.

Its work revolves around the increase of returns for a company. To be a business development manager, you need essential sales skills. There is also the need to maintain high levels of professionality.


In this job, you will need to study and have a broad knowledge of the business. Having sales skills will add to your advantage since you will have to negotiate with clients.

02. Product manager

Being a product manager is one of the highest paying working from home jobs. The primary role of product managers is to build and assemble products and steer the products to their success.

Product managers always work with other people who deal with product development and production.

Product managers have been given a high status in most companies since they are the ones who spearhead the product’s success.


You should apply for the remote product manager position in companies within your area to apply for this job. Ensure that you have 3-5 years of experience to give you a higher chance of landing the job.

03. Computer security

As for computer security, you don’t need to have an office to work in. It is a job where you can work from home and earn good pay.

These are the people who keep customers’ information and data secure. Being a computer security person, you can also deal with a company’s files and data.


First, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Another critical element is having extensive knowledge of computers and information systems. Having some experience is also a plus for you.

02. Java developers

For a website, program, or even an application to run, java codes need to be written on them. Java developers can work from anywhere since they require no office to run their work.

The work requires a comprehensive knowledge of java coding and general java knowledge.


To be a java developer, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a course related to it. There is also the need to have a good experience in user interface design, statistical analyses, and database structures. Problem-solving skills play an essential role also in this field.

03. Account manager

With the current trends, account managers can work from the comfort of their homes and still make a good amount of money.

Account managers always work for the company, and they deal with sales and promote the relationship between clients and the company.

Account managers are always responsible for maintaining a long-lasting connection with the clients.


You need to have an excellent customer service attitude to be an account manager. There is also the need for B2B account management skills, and you should be able to understand and relate the account’s requirements. Experience is also a key factor that will get you on the job.

04. Marketing director

In every business, there is a department that deals with marketing to ensure the company’s success.

Being a marketing director, you will lead the team of the marketing department in strategizing and implementing the marketing plans of the company.


To be a marketing director of a company or any business, you should have a bachelor’s degree in Business administration. An MBA will give you a better chance of landing the job. This job experience is essential for you to lead the marketing department since analyzing trends and coming up with plans to increase sales requires vast experience.

05. Business intelligence analyst

These people use data and statistics to get the trends and the direction of the business.

The main aim of this work is to improve the returns and efficiency of a company using proper analysis. However, you can work from the office or home as a consultant.


To land this job, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in business analytics or business intelligence. A strong customer connection is also required. Experience is also essential in this job.

06. Actuary

An actuary is a business professional that analyzes the financial impacts and risks that a particular business move can cause.

Actuaries help the company prepare and face the challenges that might be caused or gather the financial requirements necessary for that business move.

To be an actuary, you must have mathematical skills and use statistics to determine the results of a certain business move.


In this job, you should have extensive knowledge of mathematics and economics. Problem-solving skills are also critical. Programming and computer skills are also very essential in this job.

07. Cyber security analyst

Cyber security crimes are rising every day. The need for a person who will oversee and monitor the security breach of an organization is vital.

The analyst should have a vast knowledge of IT trends and develop solutions that deal with security breaches.


You should have a bachelor’s degree in IT and have a good understanding of the same. Experience is also crucial for this job since no company wants its data to be exposed. You should also have analytic skills to take the job and work with little ease.

If you have the required skills and can’t work from the office due to personal reasons, you should consider any highlighted jobs that will pay you well. There are companies like Humana and Geico which are currently hiring employees. You can also apply for positions for other companies on different websites like Flexjobs.