How to Become Work from Home Tutor in 6 Steps

Work from Home Tutor

Modern technology advancement means students can no longer worry about meeting their teachers one-on-one to receive the academic guidance they need.

Students, especially in the developed world, have realized they can get the same education online, just like the good old tutoring, at a reduced fee.

The home-based tutoring they receive from their online tutors allows them to learn from their comfort zone.

The COVID-19 outbreak made people realize that most things can be done using computers and laptops through apps like webcam and Zoom.

Today, many office employees are working from home, and their companies are not eager for them to return to offices.

In other words, we are all going online; thus, tutors should.

The surge in online tutoring and the increased number of students who want private tutoring have shaped how tutoring should be done.

Work from Home Tutor

Work from Home Tutor – If you’re going to become an online tutor, this article is for you. We will outline all your requirements to succeed as an online tutor who works from home.

If you want to be part of online tutoring, there are some things you need to do right. Here are steps to follow to become an online tutor.

Step 1 – Determine your requirement

As an aspiring online tutor, you must determine what you need to succeed in this niche. First, research and analyze what you need before implementing your plan. Evaluate the kind of skills you will offer your students.

Here is where you will look at things like – who your target audience is, why they should choose you, considering there are many tutors out here, and how you will compete in this overcrowded market.

Online tutoring is a kind of job that many people have the opportunity for regardless of their qualifications, as long as they have university and college degrees.

This is the first step towards choosing a profession as a Home Tutor.

Step 2 – Know your audience

After conducting the research, the next step is to know your consumers or students if you like.

In which subjects or areas do they need your help? Do they need your help? What are their characteristics based on their behaviors, age, and location?

Find out all these, and then include this information in your innovative ideas.

Step 3 – Choose your subject topics

Here, you must evaluate your skills and know the subjects you are comfortable teaching. Collect all the required lessons that you intend to teach students.

Your advanced knowledge of the subject will give you a better understanding of the topic.

Choosing your area of expertise is always advisable because, with extra knowledge, you can share your constructive knowledge to enhance students’ skills.

Step 4 – Select a specific course pattern

After you have conducted an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of your target audience, carefully choose the right skills that match their needs and ensure you configure that in your new course.

Knowing their behaviors will help you choose which tutoring facility works better for them.

Develop a niche and gather as many video courses as possible to help your students understand better.

With that done, search online tutoring platforms to find tools or media that facilitate online tutoring and the tools they use to facilitate learning.

Examples of platforms are whiteboards, text chat messages, and video conferences.

Once all these are done, you can develop your business model by considering the niche requirements.

Step 5 – Set up the course model

The next step in becoming an online tutor is to set up the course model. There are two known models (the academy and the Night school models).

The Academy model is a school-based type where students visit a website to learn various skills. This model is also known as vertical because it doesn’t focus on one subject. Here, learners can access all courses for free if their subscription is valid.

The night school model is a prevalent traditional tutoring model. This model is for students who want to take part-time classes when they are out of their jobs or full-time courses.

Many colleges, universities, and schools have utilized this model. Here, students must prepay a specific fee to access course materials.

Step 6 – Choose an online platform where you will be selling your courses

The other step of becoming an online tutor is to select a forum to share your skills with the students.

Until now, you have done 90% of the work; now, it is time to start. You can develop your online tutoring platform, register on many available platforms, and start tutoring.

As a beginner, signing up to existing platforms before developing yours is always advisable. This will give you an edge and an understanding of how they work.

This is an essential step towards becoming a Work from Home Tutor.

The following are some of the software or platforms that facilitate online Work from Home Tutor:

Zoom is an application that gained momentum during the covid 19 period. The software allows professional meetings and conferences online with unlimited users.


In this software, users can record and store lessons to access later. One disadvantage of Zoom is that time is limited to 40 minutes only.

Skype (now called Microsoft Teams) – is among the oldest software that facilitates online learning. Much like Zoom, users can conduct video conferences and document sharing simultaneously. Screen sharing has proved to be helpful in the learning process.

microsoft teams

Last but not least, Google Meets and Google Drive. Undoubtedly, Google has recently become a vital tool in our lives. This software allows many people to make video calls, share documents and files, and conduct one-on-one presentations from anywhere. With their technology, you can easily edit and share Google Docs.

Blackboard is another platform that can help you teach online. Blackboard was first introduced in the early 2000s; today, students and tutors can easily share assignments. Here, tutors post jobs and marks and record lessons and lectures.

To be a success as a ‘Work from Home Tutor,’ you will need to market your services, and you can do this by developing your website where students can access learning materials.

Also, you can join other websites that offer online tutoring opportunities to tutors like Chegg and Coursehero. That way, you will earn a living and stay on top of your game. This is an essential step in becoming a ‘Work from Home Tutor’

Undoubtedly, online tutoring is the way to go, and to take advantage of it entirely, you will need to follow the above steps and ensure you do everything carefully and correctly.

All the best in your journey towards becoming a Home Tutor.