Top 11 Work From Home Lawyer Jobs

Work From Home Lawyer Jobs

In this era, lawyers can work from home quickly. There are many lawyer jobs where you can work from the comfort of your home. All you need is a good internet connection and a laptop.

Below are some of the work-from-home lawyer jobs:

Legal Counsel is very high in demand. You can quickly get work as legal Counsel from home. All you need to become a legal counsel is your degree in law and excellent research skills.

Most companies outsource their work because the workload is so huge that no one can handle it. You can take up a part-time job; when your experience increases, you can take up full-time work.


Legal transcriptionist work is also available. For this, you need to be quite speedy. You can take up standard or legal transcription, depending on your typing speed.

You must quickly and accurately type out the tape or any recorded conversation in legal transcription. You can take up work from legal transcription companies. This is because many law firms outsource their work to these companies.


03. Paralegal

This is quite a complex form of work. You have to be familiar with many things you do not find accessible. There are two types of paralegal jobs – legal secretary and litigation assistant.

Both have their own set of responsibilities which they have to carry out. To be a paralegal, you have to have a law degree. You can become a paralegal from any reputed law school, providing excellent law knowledge.


This is quite engaging work that the lawyers can do from home. For this, you need to have excellent knowledge of English and law. You have to compare the document or letter two lawyers have prepared.

You must ensure that the document is free of spelling and grammatical errors. If you see any, you need to highlight it with red color. This job is relatively easy for lawyers due to their excellent English knowledge.


Homeschooling Laws

As a lawyer, you must do a lot of research on different topics. You can take up legal research work from home. You need to have good knowledge of the internet and excellent research skills.

You can also publish your research work on reputed websites or magazines. Moreover, you can also take up contract research work.


This is the latest work-from-home lawyer job. This is where you can write about different topics related to law. You must ensure that these topics are informative and beneficial to the reader. You need to have excellent writing skills for this.


07. Litigation support service provider

This involves taking up work from legal firms. A lawyer can use litigation support services like document review, summarization, and indexing.

Document review is where you have to go through the documents and highlight the relevant information.

Summarization involves taking up work like summarizing entire files or documents in less than 500 words. Indexing is where you have to index the documents for easy access by legal teams.


08. Scoping

Scoping involves going through a legal case and providing details of all the documents that are related to the point. Lawyers must know that they must go through thousands of pages simultaneously.

You can take up this form of work from home. Also, you must ensure you can handle big files and provide accurate information on time.


09. Contract Specialist

This is an excellent work-from-home lawyer job for those who know legal contracts. You need to have excellent research skills along with legal knowledge. You can find this work in many reputed law firms and offices that offer contract specialist jobs.


10. Court Reporter

This is an exciting work-from-home job for lawyers. Court reporters have to go through the proceedings of court hearings, and they need to provide their interpretation based on which a report has to be prepared. They must ensure they design a clear and precise transcript of the proceedings.


11. Corporate Attorney

The demand for corporate Attorneys is only increasing, and the potential for corporate lawyers will only grow. Like all other work-from-home jobs, this profession has become a lucrative opportunity, and you can work from home part-time or full-time. You can browse the job portals and will find a lot of options. Apply and get started.


Lawyers can take up many forms of work-from-home legal jobs. Before taking it up, they must ensure they are well-versed with the job requirements. For these jobs, lawyers need excellent writing skills, legal knowledge, and computer knowledge.