Work from Home selling Used Clothing online

Work from Home selling Used Clothing online

Have you been thinking about selling used clothing online but aren’t sure where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

This guide will walk you through setting up your own online used clothing business, from researching the market to listing your items and making sales.

Many people avoid shopping for used clothing because they think it’s dirty or unhygienic. However, the best-used clothes are cleaned and polished before being sold.

It is also a great way to recycle your clothes without throwing them away. Earning money through this venture is difficult, but it can be an excellent side income.

What do you need to Start a Used Clothing Business?

This is a very general question. In reality, you do not need much to start this business. It is usually only a wok space and computer. That’s it.

Everything else can be purchased with your money or saved when you start making money for your used clothing business. Here are some of the things you’ll need to get started:

1. Computer

The first thing you will need is a computer that meets your needs. There are several things to consider when choosing a computer for this business.

Most importantly, it would help if you had a computer with enough pictures and sufficient processing speed. You can also use your mobile though it is not advisable.

2. Fashionable Clothing

You need clothing that people want. The trick is to know what the people want. If you do not trust your fashion sense, you could show them what others are buying or tell them how other people have styled the item in your listings. Make sure you clean any item before taking pictures.

3. Camera

Most cell phones take good pictures these days. However, they may not be of the best quality when listing the clothes online.

You must use a dedicated camera if you want a clear picture. A tripod can also help with the lighting in your photographs and make your listing look professional.

You can use free online tools like Canva to create good creatives with images. It’s very simple to use and the best this is that it is free!

4. Basic Internet Knowledge

It would help if you understood how the internet works and knew a little about how to use it. You won’t need an advanced degree in computer programming, but you will be expected to know how to set up a business site, list your items for sale, and post them on popular platforms.

It is effortless; you can learn more by simply watching Youtube videos. Anyone from children to house wife to senior citizens can learn internet or advanced internet by watching Youtube videos.

5. Payment Options

You’ll need some payment options so people can pay for your clothing online. There are several ways to take payments for your used clothing business, such as PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, and traditional checks. It would help if you chose the payment option that you are most comfortable with.

6. Customer Support Tool

It is not an essential tool, but it will help you keep in touch with your customers, especially when looking for specific items. It will also help you quickly respond to their questions and concerns.

7. Room or Space

Next, you need a room that can be your storage space. A shed or garage will suffice for the purpose. If you are not comfortable storing the clothes, you can hire storage space for them.

8. Shipping Supplies

You will also need some packing supplies such as shipping boxes and labels for your packages. If possible, get a bulk supply of them so it will be less expensive to ship your items in bulk.

How Do You Start a Used Clothing Business?

Starting your used clothing business doesn’t have to be hard. It’s not difficult to create your own online selling business using the internet. It is possible to do it from home with little effort.

Here are the steps you will have to take when starting your own online selling business:

Step 1: Research the Market

Before starting your used clothing business, you need to understand the market. You need to know what the people in your area are interested in buying. If you don’t know anyone who can give you helpful information regarding this, then try posting a survey.

You should also check online forums for similar products. Forums are great for finding the latest trends in fashion and buying used clothes.

Step 2: Research the Prices of Used Clothing Online

Once you know what your community needs, you can research used clothing prices online. Plenty of free sites offer this information and paid price comparison tools that can give you an idea of what other people are charging for their products. You can make a more informed decision about what prices you should set for your items.

Step 3: Invest in Good Quality Clothes

There is no point in listing items on your website if they are not in good condition. Good quality clothes can help you sell more items and gain a good reputation for getting the best items.

A way to ensure your clothes are safe is to put them in a dry-cleaner’s bag before taking pictures and listing them.

The line between buying quality clothing and being a scrooge is thin, but you should be willing to pay more for the former rather than deals on cheap clothing that will be unsanitary.

You will also need to clarify how you make the clothes virus and bacteria free from infection. This is essential, especially since people are still worried about Covid 19.

Step 4: Choose Your Platform

Now that you know what you’ll be selling, it’s time to choose a platform to sell your used clothing.

Selecting a website where people are already looking for what you are selling is essential. It is also a good idea to research the payouts of these sites and make sure they meet your needs.

Step 5: List Your Products Online

Once you have your items, you can begin listing them online. Several websites are available where you can take your pictures and post them online.

You will also be able to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can also use the hashtag #usedclothing on Twitter to work in the right kind of advertising. Ask your customers about their needs and ensure that your items fit their requirements before selling them.

You can use free online tools like Canva to create good creatives with images. It’s very simple to use and the best this is that it is free!

Step 6: Create an Online Presence

This is the fun part. You can now create a presence for your used clothing business. This can be done by creating a website. If building websites is not your strong suit, you could hire someone to create them.

Another option is to use social media and popular message boards for advertising your products. However, if you don’t have much marketing experience, it may be a good idea to research how you can do this effectively with minimal costs.

Step 7: Promote Your Business

Now that your website is set up, it’s time to get people to it. You can start by making your products available in places where people gather.

For example, if you are selling clothing, then putting them in consignment shops and other stores will help you get more traffic and business.

Step 7: Communicate with Your Customers

You will need a way to keep in contact with your customers so that you can get their feedback and respond to their concerns. The easiest way to do this is through email.

You can create an email account for your business or use the one you already have. You will also need a phone number for people who want to talk to you about their orders.

Where to Sell Your Used Clothing?

Now that you know how to sell used clothing online, it’s time to choose a platform. Here are the best places to sell your used clothes.


eBay is an excellent choice for selling used clothing. It’s a trusted brand that many people consider the best solution for selling their goods online.

It also has many features that will help you make a sale, whether creating a listing on your own or using an auction format.

2. Amazon

Amazon is another excellent platform for selling used clothing. They have many features to help you make a sale, so using their site to sell your old clothes is easy. You can use their wish list feature for this purpose too.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is another place that can be useful for selling used items online. You can sell furniture, clothes, and almost anything through the classified pages on Craigslist.

4. Poshmark

Poshmark is a pretty big name in the used clothing and fashion industry. They have done an excellent job of creating a marketplace that is easy to use and convenient for buyers and sellers. They also have fantastic online support and are constantly working to improve their service.

5. Etsy

Etsy is one of the best places to sell your used clothes online. They have standards they follow and offer a wide range of items to sell online.

6. Rebag

Rebag is a UK-based used clothing site that specializes in luxury consumer items. They are most commonly used by people trying to sell luxury clothing, designer handbags, and jewelry.

7. Shopify

Shopify is one of the biggest names in online retail. They have a wide range of options available to suit your needs and many additional features and apps you can use (both free and paid).

8. Here are some more websites where you can list your clothing for sale.

What are the Risks of Selling Used Clothing?

There are some risks involved when selling used clothing. They include:

  • Unsafe Clothing: You must be careful when buying and selling used clothing because it may not always be sanitary. Check all clothing carefully before you purchase or put it up for sale to ensure it is free of stains and odors.
  • Getting Scammed: If you sell a high-value item, it is a good idea to use escrow services or other payment protection options. This will help protect you from scams.
  • Possible Repairs: Clothing items may need minor repairs before selling them online. You may not have the connections or the experience to do this yourself, so you will either have to pay someone else to do it for you or choose not to sell that garment online.
  • You might not make any sales: Even if you list your items online, it doesn’t mean you will get customers and make any sales. It’s possible that, even if you’re the most interesting person with the best product in the world, no one will buy anything from you online. Therefore it’s essential to ensure that your clothing is well-marketed and that you have a plan for promoting your business to make sales.

FAQs – Work from Home selling Used Clothing Online

How much can you make selling used clothing online?

It depends on several factors, including the quality of your clothes, your platform, and your marketing efforts. However, you can typically expect to make anywhere from $ 2000 a month using your clothing items online. If you are willing to put in more time, you could sell more items, get more traffic and start making more money.

How to Promote Your Clothing?

There are several ways to promote your clothing online. You can share your listings on social media, participate in online forums, or even start a blog. The more people you can reach, the better your chances of making sales.

What is the best place to sell used clothes online?

Some tips for selling used clothing online include

1. Taking good-quality photos
2. Writing persuasive descriptions
3. Offering multiple shipping options.

You should also promote your listings to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

What is the best time to sell?

The best time to sell used clothing online is typical during the spring and summer. This is when most people want to refresh their wardrobe for the warmer months.

How do I ship my clothes?

You’ll need to choose an affordable and reliable shipping method. The most popular options are USPS, UPS, and FedEx. It would help if you offered multiple shipping options to give your buyers more flexibility.

What are some common scams?

Some common scams include fake listings, counterfeit items, and unfulfilled orders. It’s essential to be aware of these scams before selling used clothing online.

How do I avoid scams?

The best way to avoid scams is to be aware of them. Be sure to research any platform or buyer before you complete a transaction. You should also use secure payment methods.

Is selling used clothes online profitable?

Selling your clothing online is a good idea and indeed profitable. However, don’t count on every item to earn you money. Clothes in excellent condition and in high demand are likely to yield the most profit provided that applicable shipping and fees are not higher than the price you’re offering them at.


The internet offers countless opportunities, but not all of them are productive. There are some easy ways to make money without leaving your home. One of the best and more accessible ways is to sell used clothing online.

Selling clothes online can be very profitable. It takes a bit of hard work and effort to get things started. It pays to research and finds the right platform for you and the right clothing items.

You’ll also need to pick the proper seller account in addition to setting up your store correctly, and then you can start selling. From there, it’s a matter of promoting your store and getting more people to come and buy from your business.