7 Best Power or Internet Outage Excuses For Work From Home

Work from Home

Do you want to work from home, but your coworker is being a little annoying, and it’s too hard to get away? Or do you need an excuse to stay home and avoid the commute? Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s your company going down for the count for a few hours or throughout the day, power outages or Internet outage excuses offer convenient reasons to flex some of that branching-out muscle.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a coworker who doesn’t understand that these things happen. It’s easier to say, “I’m sorry, but I can’t make it in because of the cable internet outage in our area,” or “My company can’t work properly without power” than to explain why you need the day off.

And, maybe your branch will have trouble getting their work done. Below we’ll go through some common excuses and how to use them.

Typical Power or Internet Outage Excuses For Work From Home:

1. Laptop Malfunction excuse

If your company is down, it may be a good time to spin a “laptop malfunction” excuse. No one wants to lose their entire day’s worth of work, which is an easy way to get out without making anyone suspicious.

The key with this one is that you have to know yourself well enough not to let guilt get in the way of your productivity. You can only get away with not being productive for a day or two if you’re usually serious about your work, and your boss will catch on if you’re faking it.

The trick is politely asking to work from home while fixing the glitch and then staying home. If you usually take an hour or two off to clean up the house or meet up with friends, that’s fine, as long as you get your work in too!

2. Internet outage excuse

Internet outage excuses are a little more challenging to pull off. You might not be able to get out of work if your company is down and your boss finds out that you didn’t even bother coming into the office.

The only way around this is to have a good reason why you weren’t there the last few days, but don’t make it a habit. It’s OK to say that you were stuck at home on the weekend or that traffic was terrible, and your boss will have to take your word for it. Also, make sure your computer isn’t fracking up – you don’t want anyone else getting suspicious.

No Power and No Internet

3. Illness or Appointment excuse

There are plenty of ways to avoid going to work when there’s a power outage. Since most companies have electricity generators, the result will probably be significant enough to keep the lights on, and everyone else is still going in.

Still, you can use an illness or appointment excuse. While it’s tempting to take this one and run, stay away from the flu as an excuse unless you’re sick. Other than that, pretty much anything goes with this one.

One way to get away with it is if your boss has some distant connection with your situation, like a relative with the same illness or someone who recently had a baby (or just had one).

No one wants to cause a fuss, but you can come across as sincere and reliable by taking off for a medical appointment or to support your family member. With Covid 19, this excuse is very common.

4. Late working excuse

Even if your average workplace is unaffected by the outage, you can still get away with working from home – don’t make this a habit. Don’t burn anyone out by doing it too often, but make an offer to do a lot of work from home while the power is out.

You can either request to do it pro bono or by offering to stay late or work through lunch (if your company allows that). This gives you an excellent reason to use some of that vacation time in your bank account and take some long weekends.

5. Laptop Wi-Fi Drivers’ excuse

Laptop Wi-Fi drivers and not working excuses are other ones you may take advantage of. If your Wi-Fi goes out, it isn’t very pleasant, but it’s not the end of the world.

You don’t want to come across as too much of a jerk about it, so check with your coworkers and see who’s out of commission.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if your situation is unique: maybe there’s a sick coworker or someone who has their new laptop acting funny, and they’ll need some extra time to diagnose it.

If no one needs anything from you today, consider giving the weekend off and coming in on Monday anyway.

6. Forced Shutdown or Restart of Your Computer

You can say that your computer is having a shutdown or restart problem and that it will take time for an IT engineer to fix the issue. And then mention that you have a home computer which you can use for work purposes.

You cannot take your home computer to work, so your manager will allow you to work from home. He will also appreciate your finding a solution to the malfunctioning laptop without affecting your work. This is another good way for excuse to work from home.

7. I’m experiencing bad weather

This is another good excuse if you live in an area where severe weather is common. Again, be sure to have a backup plan to continue working despite the conditions.

You can say you will use your home computer or go to a friend’s home with a spare laptop and work from there. Weather problems can include it’s raining or snowing, or the weather is freezing, or there is a storm warning, etc.

Word of Caution

Even though you may have a legitimate reason to stay home, don’t be so generous that you end up working too few hours and burning yourself out. No one wants to see you hobbling in on Friday; you’re tired and beat up because you’ve just returned from the beach.

You can still work from home if your company is down for a day or two, but keep it reasonable: no more than three to five days total and ensure you’re not taking too much time away from your job.


Using power outages or Internet outage excuses for work from home is a great way to get out of work and still get things done. While it can be tempting to abuse these excuses, remember that they will only take you so far: it’s OK to use them occasionally, but don’t make it a habit.

If your company is down, feel free to rock the power outage or Internet outage excuses for working from home!

This situation is perfect for allowing you a little freedom and not coming across as lazy – no one will think you’re abusing your sick days when they discover more significant problems.