Top 5 Work from Home Hacks

Work from Home Hacks

If the thought of working from home appeals to you, it is essential to know how to go about it successfully.

While many people think that walking from the bedroom to the den is a great way to spend the day, there is much more to remote work than that.

Continue reading to learn about five work from hacks that will help you not only enjoy this new lifestyle but become more productive and efficient at the same time.

5 Work from Home Hacks

If you are serious about working from home, you will want to take note of the following five hacks. While this by no means will guarantee your success, implementing these ideas will go a long way towards ensuring that your time as a remote worker is enjoyable and profitable.

01. Create a Space Only for Work

If you want to be successful in your quest to work from home, then you will need to find space that can be specifically used for that purpose.

You do not want to end up working at the dining room table one day, the patio the next, and so on. You will need to treat your workspace just like you would an area you would work in at the office.

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The great part of working from home is choosing the place you designate as your office. Like many people convert certain spaces in an office building, there will be places around your house that are better suited for your line of work than others.

Look for an area that has plenty of sunlight and where the noise is kept to a minimum. You may not even have a big space, but the key is to make it your own area where you can focus every day on the tasks at hand.

02. Take Care of Your Workspace

When working from home, many people tend to let clutter get out of control. You want to keep that from happening. Optimize your workspace so that you are efficient and productive as you work. Make it a practice to clean off your desk at the end of each day and leave it that way until you return for your next shift.

Work from Home Hacks

03. Set and Keep a Schedule

It is healthy to keep a schedule and try to stick to it as much as possible. If you succumb to the temptation of taking long lunches or walks around the park in the morning, you will find that you quickly run out of time in the day to complete what your boss has asked you to do. Within reason, make a schedule and stick to it during the workweek.

04. Build In Breaks

You get breaks when you work at the office, so you should when you work at home as well. Make sure that you stand up and stretch at regular intervals. Take a walk in the backyard. This will get you some fresh air and get you ready for the next hours at work.

05. Set Clear Boundaries with Friends and Family

This final work from home hack may very well be the most important. Just because you work from home does not mean you can be interrupted by family and friends multiple times during the day. It is important to set boundaries with everyone who lives in your household or neighborhood.

There should be times when you cannot be disturbed. Make sure that everyone understands this from the beginning so that there are no misunderstandings.

To be fair, one of the benefits of working from home is that you will be there if there is an emergency. In that case, it is fine to leave the office and take care of your family. However, the clear boundaries that you set should be adhered to at all times except in the case of an emergency.


Deciding to work from home is a big decision. You will want to put some thought into it so that you make sure this is the lifestyle that you want. If it is, following these simple hacks should help you to be quite successful at it in the end. You will finally begin to achieve the level of work-life balance that you have been longing for.